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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The suck is strong in this chapter

Back in November I mentioned that I felt like I learned a thing or two about tight prose around chapter eight. I'm doing a close pass on chapter six right now, and man is it work! It's an awkward scene for Chris, and I feel for him. I'm the kind of person who closes my eyes or changes the channel when movie or television characters are placed in really uncomfortable positions, and here I am putting Chris in one. And what I really need to improve this chapter is tighter point of view. Ack! So that's part of the problem. Another part is I feel like my suck vacuum is broken and I'm having to use suck tweezers instead.

Must . . . resist . . . the urge . . . to wax . . . the cat!

(I spent hours today on Google looking for a picture that could inspire me to see the inside of Danny's tacky custom van--with no luck. Everything was either too much or not enough!)


Hybrid J said...

You have my sympathy about tightening POV. It is always a hard job and espeically when you have to make the life of your character miserable. (I'm trying to find a new way to kill one of my characters. Hahaha!)

You keep going and all the best.

BTW - your is "wax the cat", mine is more simple "rub the kitchen bench for the ninety-nine time."

Cheers and have a wonderful day!

Joe Iriarte said...

Someone ought to write a song about "Fifty Ways to Kill Your Character"!

Thanks for dropping by!