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Friday, November 14, 2008

Blargety blarg

You've been warned.

Tomorrow is the awards ceremony for the award Lisa and I are both finalists for (different categories, so no marital competition issues). I've mentioned it here, but I don't think I've mentioned it elsewhere.

I am excited about this. Maybe I'm silly for that. It's not some famous national award, and even if I win it, I'll still be an unpublished nobody. But if I win or place, it will still be validation. It will mean maybe I'm not being stupid to think that I'm talented enough to find success as a writer. It will mean that, given a small enough pond, I can be a fish of note. (Which is not to say that not winning will mean the converse; it will just mean that two or three people were better. But winning would still be nice.)

I wish I had people sharing my excitement. I wish I had people who were excited for me, and pulling for me to win. But I've hardly told anyone. I don't know a classy way to say, "Hey! I'm a finalist in a literary contest!" I don't like how egocentric that would make me feel. I don't want to appear to be a braggart. I haven't found a smooth way to bring it up, so almost nobody knows.

Ironically . . . or, um, something . . . someone in a forum I frequent pretty much implied last week, not for the first time, that I'm a narcissist who makes everything about me. So either I'm a really horrible egomaniac, given that I come off as one even when I'm trying to keep things to myself . . . or I should just go ahead and brag all I want, since I'm damned whether I do or I don't.



ORION said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!!!
and trust me I know how much ANY validation is when you're a writer.
Good on YOU!!!
Oh and Tooloose wanted me to ask you for a blurb. I told him it's best to ask authors who are already published but he really wants to use " made me cry..." in his query letter.

Joe Iriarte said...


A blurb you say . . . my name on the cover of Tooloose's book . . . hmm . . .

Why yes . . . I'd love to provide Tooloose with a blurb!

scottneb said...

I have never thought of you as a narcissist who makes everything about you. I hope that means something.

...and I'm pulling for you.

Joe Iriarte said...

Thanks, Scott. :)