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Thursday, November 20, 2008

News that makes me feel hopeful

From Kristin Nelson's blog, last week:

I was at a couple of other children’s publishers yesterday and let me tell you, all the editors eagerly asked if I had anything for middle grade right now (which, sadly, I don’t). Lots and lots of room in the MG world.

My book's not MG, but my impression of YA is that it's a spectrum, and my book's near the younger end of it. I see my target readers as being in the twelve- to thirteen-year-old range.

From Kristin Nelson's blog, tonight:

Because I promised to share my notes (and I only have about 10 minutes to blog), here is what I have scribbled down from the children’s editors I talked to. In no particular order:

--Looking for contemporary stories with a paranormal element. Contemporary main story with just a touch of paranormal.


--voice and character driven fiction (isn’t that what all editors want?)

--a family-oriented story with complicated relationship between main character and parents or main character and siblings etc.

Check, I'd say.

--MG fantasy

Again, borderline check.

--MG or YA with boy protagonists

Big time check.

Man, I've got to finish revising and get my MS out there.

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